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I've worked in media for almost ten years—both on the agency side (media planning for brands like American Express) and on the vendor side (consulting agencies who advertise on LinkedIn). Suffice to say, I have quite a bit of experience working both for and with an assortment of heavy hitter agencies who represent the world's largest and most sophisticated advertisers. 

As such, I feel qualified to make what I know is a bold statement: Jessica and David operate like—nay, better than—a large full-service ad agency. These two superhumans perform all the functions that most agencies dedicate dozens of employees and bloated departments to: media planning and buying (both digital and traditional), media finance and billing, performance reporting and optimizations, ad operations, and more. And they manage all of these tasks without ever dropping a ball—or even breaking a sweat. I was awe-struck by how ruthlessly efficient and skilled they are at so many types of work; I have never worked with anyone like them in my decade in the media world. 

While I'm not convinced Jessica and David don't have a hundred little magical media elves slaving away for them 24/7, I will say that their integrated approach to media (i.e., the fact that they manage all stages of media campaigns) drives superior results to the fragmented approach that most big agencies take. It is a major competitive advantage; because when it comes to something as complex and multi-faceted as media, more departments and employees do not yield better work. Shouldn't the people who analyze and report on your media performance be the same people who plan your next campaign? Shouldn't the people who plan your digital buys know what traditional media you have running? Shockingly, that's not how most agencies work. But it is how HunterBlu works. 

I'd recommend HunterBlu to any advertiser looking for an end-to-end service for their marketing campaigns—from campaign ideation, to media planning, to execution, to post-campaign reporting and optimization. Branding, acquisition, digital, traditional—they do it all. "Integrated marketing" is a big, meaningless buzzword these days, but Jessica and David made me a believer. 

Faye leong Senior Regional Marketing Manager at Oscar Health


“When I think about best-in-class client service, I think about David and Jessica. Their dedication, commitment and support of the Ryder business was truly unparalleled. From the moment that they took over the account, the on-boarding and planning process was completely seamless as they went over and above to understand and anticipate the needs of our business. From big picture strategy, media planning, budget management, partner and stakeholder management, content and collateral creation, competitive analysis and ROI tracking, David and Jessica were lock-in-step with our marketing team.Through their consistent and flawless strategy and execution, David and Jessica enabled my team to focus on delivering against goals and objectives. The integrity, initiative and communication from David and Jessica gave our entire department, including our executive team total peace-of-mind and I would entrust my marketing strategy to them again without hesitation. I hope to have the opportunity to work with David and Jessica again in the future! ”

Lauren Hall Senior Marketing Manager, Ryder (previously); Senior Director of Marketing, Benihana (currently)